An Adirondack Pack Canoe in the Rockies?  Why not?!

The Rushton Wee Lassie 10’6” (9 - 14 pounds) may be the most versatile canoe ever designed . . . high in the Rockies . . . far from the home of the prolific Adirondack Mountain boatbuilder / designer,

John Henry Rushton.  Other canoes and kayaks also available.

Slipstream Watercraft . . . combining high-tech materials with the perfection and elegance of classic designs.  Canoes and kayaks that are truly gratifying to paddle.  Fast, quiet and pretty . . . ultra-light boats that will reward you on and off the water.

Paddling is a highly personal experience even when enjoyed with a group.  The service you’ll receive from Slipstream will be intensely personal.  We don’t want to “sell” you a boat.  We do want to apply

our twenty-five years of experience to assist you in finding the best possible design for you -- even if it’s from a competitor.


Slipstream Watercraft

                     Manufacturer Of Ultralight Canoes & Kayaks

Wee Lassie

String Lake, Grand Teton, WY -  High Country

Slipstream Watercraft

From The Foothills Of

The Adirondack Mountains

In Northern New York



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Wee Lassie




Betula Birchbark

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Near sunset on Wyoming’s Snake River -- overflowing with heron, otter, elk, eagles and even pelican.

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The Slipstream mission is to supply you

with a craft that will bring you great joy and

appreciation every time you paddle.  We believe being on the water is the best way to observe, photograph, explore, clear out the cobwebs, fish, exercise, relax . . . whether you’re looking for exhilaration or a carefree cruise . . . paddling will bring your spirit, mind and body to a state of absolute peace and harmony.  Refresh!

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