An Adirondack Pack Canoe in the Rockies?  Why not?!

The Rushton Wee Lassie 10’6” (9 - 14 pounds) may be the most versatile canoe ever designed . . . high in the Rockies . . . far from the home of the prolific Adirondack Mountain boatbuilder / designer,

John Henry Rushton.  We offer other canoes and soon, two kayaks.

Slipstream Watercraft . . . combining high-tech materials with the perfection and elegance of classic designs.  Canoes and kayaks that                              

                                           are truly gratifying to paddle.  Fast, quiet

                                           and pretty . . . ultra-light boats that will

                                           reward you on and off the water.

                                           The Slipstream mission is to supply you

                                           with a craft that will bring you great joy and

                                           appreciation every time you paddle.

There is no finer way, than being on the water, to observe, photograph, explore, fish, exercise, relax . . . whether you’re looking for exhilaration or a carefree cruise . . . paddling will bring your spirit, mind and body to a state of absolute peace and harmony.  Refresh!

Paddling is a highly personal experience

even when enjoyed with a group.  The

service you’ll receive from Slipstream

will be intensely personal.  We don’t want

to “sell” you a boat.  We do want to apply

our twenty-five years of experience to

assist you in finding the best possible

design -- even if it’s from a competitor.


Slipstream Watercraft

Wee Lassie

String Lake, Grand Teton, WY -  High Country

Slipstream Watercraft

From The Foothills Of

The Adirondack Mountains

In Northern New York



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Wee Lassie




Betula - Simulated Birchbark

10’6”, 13’ & 16’3”

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To Smile About

Near sunset on Wyoming’s Snake River -- overflowing with heron, otter, elk, eagles and even pelican.

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