Soon To Be In Production

St. Regis 12

In The Tradition of John Henry Rushton and Bart Hauthaway

The St. Regis 12 is an addition in the Slipstream “Legacy Series” of classic designs. 

Specs:  Length 12‘     Beam 30”     Depth 9 1/2” to 11 1/2” (your choice)

                Capacity 375 lbs.

Hand Laminated Options:

$1,845 Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid @ 17 lbs

$1,945 Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid @ 17 lbs

$1,995 Carbon @ 14 lbs

VIP Vacuum Infusion Process hulls:

$2,399 Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid @ 16 lbs

$2,499 Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid @ 16 lbs

$2,674 Carbon @ 14 lbs

                                                                                       The St. Regis 12 is a pretty,

                                                                                        comfortable and stable

                                                                                        design that tracks well yet

                                                                                        responds nicely to steering


                                                                                        Seating options include a

                                                                                        kayak style seat, a

                                                                                        traditional hung style seat

                                                                                        with webbing or cane or

                                                                                        a kneeling thwart.


Please email ( to request a St. Regis order form or call 518.423.8827.




Slipstream Watercraft produces two unique designs from the historic shop of Bart Hauthaway (1924-2002) -- the Woods Canoe and the St Regis.  Both are of John Henry Rushton orgin/inspiration.  Slipstream has obtained use of the original Hauthaway molds from Bob Wolfertz who, at times, worked hand and hand with Bart.

Bart, a true pioneer, was one of the most prolific of composite boatbuilders back in the day when fiberglass was just becoming popular -- with an eye toward light weight fabrication.

HAND LAMINATED HULLS - The original molds being used to fabricate your Hand Laminated canoe are unquestionably museum pieces made by Bart many, many years ago.  Our first thought was to rework the designs and build “production” quality molds.  But then, we contemplated the authentic and legendary value of such treasures and decided to build Hand Laminated boats from the existing molds exactly as they came from Bart’s shop.

On the other hand, VIP or Vacuum Infusion Process hulls are produced in new technology molds capable of dealing with the stress of the vacuum infusion process.