Length:  13’

Waterline Width:  28”

Depth:  9.5” - 11.5”

             Specify your choice

Capacity:  500-600 pounds depending in depth


    10” Deep

Weight & Cost for Hand Laminated hulls:

KC Hybrid - $1,945 - 19 lbs

IBKC Hybrid - $2,045 - 19 lbs

Carbon - $2,095 - 15 lbs

KC Hybrid = Kevlar & Carbon

IBKC Hybrid = Innegra, Basalt,

   Kevlar & Carbon

VIP - Vacuum Infusion Process hulls:

KC Hybrid - $2,499 - 18 #

IBKC Hybrid - $2,688 - 18 #

Carbon - $2,880 - 14 #

Photo of the Hybrid laminate -- the black is carbon, the gold is kevlar.  Together they appear almost green -- sorry, can’t explain that.

The carbon laminate is pure black.

Color:  see Color Chart

   page for selections.  We

   pigment the resin which

   carries the color

   completely through the

   laminate and offers

   excellent UV protection.

Gunnels: nothing looks or

   feels as good as wood.

   Native cherry or ash are

   available at no additional

   charge.  If you’re looking

   for something exotic or

   outrageous just give us a

   yell -- Zebra wood, you

   name it.

Seating: standard seating

   is a foam butt with and

   adjustable back strap or a

   Touring Tall Back

   foam seat and backrest.

   Both are quite

   comfortable even for a

   few hours at a stretch.

   HUNG SEAT -- many

   paddlers prefer a hung

   style cane or webbing

   canoe seat which makes

   using a canoe paddle,

   rather than a kayak paddle

   much more effective.

   Check out the Options

   page for additional

   seating choices.

Flotation: the Impulse 13’

   is produced without

   flotation to allow for air bags or order Bulkhead style flotation.

Footrests: adjustable

   footrests are standard on

   all Impulse models.


The Impulse 13 is the answer for carrying larger loads than the Wee Lassie, paddling even faster and for cruising in more challenging conditions -- even loaded with fishing/camping gear.

The hull is a shallow V that exhibits excellent initial and final stability.  It paddles and glides with little effort . . . quiet, precise in tracking, maneuverable, seaworthy and capable of carrying significant loads.

The Impulse 13’ is a boat that you’ll want to paddle for the shear pleasure of skimming across the water on impulse . . . or in an Impulse . . . or whatever . . .

Slipstream Watercraft

Discover Ultra-light Paddling

From The Foothills Of

The Adirondack Mountains

In Northern New York


email:  slipstreamwatercraft@gmail.com

Imitation . . .

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery!

The John Henry Rushton (turn of the century Adirondack boatbuilder and designer) inspired Impulse 13 is a blatant modification of the Rushton Wee Lassie.  At 2 & 1/2’ longer than the Lassie, the Impulse expands your paddling comfort zone, may be effectively paddled with a canoe or kayak paddle

and it’s FAST!

A Quick Canoe

Unique In Its Diversity

“I wanted to let you know I took out my Impulse 13 on a 3 hour paddle and am extremely pleased with how it performed.”

“This afternoon, the Mohawk was extremely choppy due to wind and heavy boat traffic. The Impulse cut through the water with no sign of instability.  A very enjoyable ride and I am very happy with my purchase.”

Lee Bascom

Jim Culver checking out a chocolate Impulse 13 at the Slipstream Fairport Outpost.

“It really is a pretty little boat”

Bob Goodrich

Bob’s Tangerine, kevlar Impulse 13 has scuppers with ash gunnels.  The two thwarts are a customized option that Bob requested.

Looks like he’s really straining to lift the boat -- all 23 pounds of it!

“Paddling my xxxx xxxx xxxxxx is fine

but paddling the Impulse 13 is SWEET!!!”

Jim Culver

Personalize And Customize

Customize your boat with special seating, GPS brackets, allowances for dogs, special deck engravings, gunnel species including: ash, cherry, mahogany, cedar, sitka and more.  We truly welcome the challenge of building your boat to your exact specifications -- be creative!

Lee Bascom with his Maraschino Kevlar Impulse 13.  Notice the GPS mounting plate.

Impulse 13

Order Form At Bottom

Fast Enough For Racing

Capacity For Touring / Camping

Excellent For Fishing

Even An Occasional

Second Person

Rigged For Canoe (hung seat) or Kayak Style Paddling (sitting low)

Use A Canoe Or Kayak Paddle From Either Style Outfitting


Please email (slipstreamwatercraft@gmail.com) to request an Impulse 13 order form or call 518.423.8827.