Our Cruiser 14

While shown in wood,

Slipstream will soon be producing the Our Cruiser 14 in four composite options.

Slipstream is excited to announce that we are working on the Our Cruiser 14 with Geoffrey Burke of Chocorua Boatworks.  Geoff has more than 35 years of experience building internationally respected traditional wooden boats.  He has also focused much research on John Henry Rushton (designer of the Slipstream Wee Lassie).   It is a great pleasure to be working with Geoff!

Geoff is in the process of modifying the lines of the traditional Our Cruiser 14 which, or course, has been produced in wood.  The design will be ever so slightly modified to convert from wood lapstrake to high-tech composite materials.  Please yell if you’d like more info.

Soon To Be In Production