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Kanoes For Kids


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Complimenting the Slipstream “No Stress Zone” philosophy, “Kanoes For Kids” is designed to minimize the financial stress of encouraging young paddlers to be on the water.

Not only on the water, but paddling a boat that is more appropriate in size and weight for THEIR size and weight . . . at 8 pounds,  the Skeeter is so light that kids can carry their own boat!

Slipstream will buy back your child’s boat at a predetermined price and date.  You could think of it as a lease or long term rental. 

Models Available

Obviously, children must be closely monitored

while on or near the water.

The fact that a boat may be paddled and even carried by a child doesn’t mean that they are capable of safe paddling and wise decision making without

competent adult supervision.

The Skeeter 10’ may be successfully paddled by most children 5 years and older.  The canoe is modified in depth to suit the specific characteristics of the child -- in most cases, this enables the child to paddle comfortably without having to reach up over gunnels as with a typical canoe.  The lower profile also reduces windage which improves ease of control.  The Skeeter 10 tracks very well which eliminates frustration for young paddlers.

A custom seat is part of the “Kanoes For Kids” program -- appropriate height (without compromising stability) -- custom sized to cradle petite patooties which allows for excellent comfort and better boat control.

Please Note:  The size of the Skeeter as well as modifications made to boats which enable them to become “Kid Friendly” may make them unsuitable for adult use.


Slipstream is working on adding an 8’ Canoe to the “Kanoes For Kids” Program -- probably looking at the spring of 2015 for availability but check here for progress updates.

We are also considering an 8’ kayak along the lines of the Duckling from CLC Boats.  We strongly encourage you to look at the Duckling from CLC Boats.  It’s available as a kit and offers you and your child the extreme satisfaction of paddling a kayak that you have built.

No kidding around, I really need my own boat!

8 Pounds of Skeeter

Alaina in a Skeeter 10 -- tethered to mom’s Wee Lassie

Kanoes For Kids

A kevlar Skeeter 10 in pink and gray camo

Genealogy:  Wee Lassie (blue camo)

    Skeeter (pink camo)

        Big black bear & friends optional


Length:  10’2”

Width:  26” - water line

            25” - @ gunnels

Depth:  7”-10”

   Depth is custom designed to the size and weight of the child.

Weight & Cost:

   Kevlar - 12 lbs - $999

   Hybrid - 10 lbs - $1,349

   Carbon - 8 lbs - $1,695

This shows the Hybrid laminate -- the black is carbon, the gold is kevlar.  Together they appear almost green -- sorry, can’t explain that.  The carbon laminate is pure black.

Color:  see Color Chart

   page for selections.  We

   do not use gelcoat.

   While gelcoat does

   provide good color and

   some protection from

   scratching, we believe

   the added weight is not

   worth the slight increase

   in protection.  We

   pigment the resin which

   provides excellent UV

   protection and carries

   the color completely

   through the laminate.

Gunnels: nothing looks or

   feels as good as wood.

   Native cherry or ash are

   available at no additional

   charge.  If you’re looking

   for something exotic or

   outrageous just give us a

   yell -- Zebra wood, you

   name it.

Seating:  It’s important that outfitting (seating) be designed for little bodies.  We’ll ask for your child’s height, weight and hip measurements so seating and footrests can be custom fitted.  No extra charge.

Flotation:  the Skeeter 10 is produced without flotation.  The boats will float if swamped but they will not support bodies or gear.  We produce the canoe without flotation because so many paddlers wish to use triangular dry bags which will not fit well with flotation chambers at the ends.  Flotation is available (and recommended) as shown on the Options page.

Footrests: adjustable footrests are standard on all Skeeter models.

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